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The English Ofsted supplementary guidance for PSHE (2012) refers to ‘teaching (that) promotes pupils’ high levels of RESILIENCE, CONFIDENCE and INDEPENDENCE when they tackle challenging activities.’ HAPPINESS (emotional wellbeing), a necessary pre-requisite to successful learning, was added to the other terms to construct ‘RICH’, the flagship of ThinQ Education.

At the time of updating this page (July 2013), the reference to resilience, confidence and independence in Ofsted’s guidance documentation has been removed. Nevertheless, no one could argue against the assertion that children need to develop such attributes in the fast-moving, global-shrinking, information-saturated twenty-first century.

ThinQ Education uses the simple acronym RICH as a vehicle to promote essential skills and attributes for sustainable, life-long learning. Assemblies, workshops, training, resources and consultancy are developed around RICH to provide a cohesive and comprehensive portfolio of support for schools.