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Think learning – ThinQ RAISER


Effective learning happens when learners…

R: build and manage healthy RELATIONSHIPS with those they are learning from and those they are learning with
A: are ASPIRATIONAL, having realistic goals to work towards
 I: have a healthy sense of their own and each other’s INDIVIDUALITY, whilst celebrating difference and diversity
S: understand, recognise and experience true SUCCESS in their own and each other’s learning
E: meet realistic EXPECTATIONS made of them and make realistic expectations of themselves and others
R: receive and accept RECOGNITION from others, practise self-recognition and give recognition to others.

‘Learning is its own reward.’

The philosophy behind ThinQ Education is to enable children to build these attributes into their lives through explicit intervention and support as part of day-to-day teaching and learning, recognising that the objectives of ‘RICH’ – Resilience, Independence, Confidence and Happiness – are only possible with these attributes in place. ThinQ Education offers bespoke support to schools to help pupils develop and recognise the attributes of RAISER in themselves and each other.

A RAISER programme can be delivered to a class or group of children over six sessions, using a range of ThinQ activities and materials to begin to embed skills and attitudes.