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RICH Philosophy For Children (P4C)



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RICH Philosophy for Children (also known as Philosophy with Children – PwC) is an engrossing programme which involves children in thinking independently and collaboratively to draw out ideas from a stimulus such as a text, image or artefact. This prompts the creation of shared knowledge, wonder, speculation and hypothesis and develops the capacity for asking ‘killer questions’ and coming up with ‘awesome answers’, effectively pursuing a line of enquiry. During the session, all the children will move around to talk to others in the class to share their ideas.


With any stimulus, the thinking structure is the same, consisting of three basic steps:

1. WHAT WE KNOW (using observation skills to establish knowledge about the stimulus: ‘We know that…’)

2. WHAT WE KNOW (using what we know to establish what we don’t know: ‘We don’t know why / how / where, etc.)

3. WHAT COULD BE (using inference and deduction to surmise possible answers to a question or questions)


Throughout the session, terminology will be explained and children will be encouraged to evaluate how well they are using self-control, creativity, communication and independent and collaborative thinking in the context of the activities.

RICH P4C / PwC is suitable for all ages – workshops are tailored to suit the age group.