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RICH Drama

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Phil Thomas / ThinQ Education Ltd

RICH Drama is highly motivating and engages children in a range of short, fast-paced games and activities to explore drama as a way of expressing themselves through body language and voice intonation, collaborative creativity and communication – and presenting ideas and telling stories.

Creativity, communication and collaboration are explicitly discussed, modelled and practised, using props such as fabric and ‘curiosity boxes’.

The children operate in pairs and small groups to explore and dramatise their ideas, with opportunities to share their ideas with others in the class.

Activities such as ‘Show Me’, ‘Body Sculpture’, ‘Magic Fabric’, ‘Minute Mime’ and ‘Drama Circle’ engage all the children in a rich and varied experience of accessible drama, guaranteeing them a memorable experience – and their teachers some easy-to-use drama tools which promote creativity, communication and collaboration.