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RICH Circle Time

Circle Time

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RICH Circle Time is very effective at involving children in a variety of motivational circle games and activities which contribute to the development of healthy self-esteem, mutual trust and respect, communication, problem-solving and collaboration, whilst celebrating individuality and diversity – all of which contribute to ‘building community’.

A typical Circle Time session opens with an affirmation game, followed by games requiring control, concentration, and / or communication.

As the children warm up to the activities, games involving creativity and problem-solving are introduced.

Throughout the session, children are invited to evaluate their response to the activities, identify the skills involved and explain why those skills are important. Children may also comment on how an activity made them feel or what difference it made to their thinking.

RICH Circle Time is guaranteed to leave children with a memorable and rewarding  experience – and staff with a kit of ideas to help children to work, learn and play together.