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I am grateful to the many individuals who have taken the time to put in writing their observations about the impact of RICH workshops and training events. Here are a selection (more recent first):


Chris Hall, Headteacher, Broadfield Primary School, Hemel Hempstead
I would definitely recommend Phil Thomas to other schools. He has had a fantastic impact on our children’s behaviour and attitudes. He has facilitated them to think about what they do and the affect it has upon others. His activities are fun and challenging. He is excellent at preparing sessions with the children that are linked to what the children in your school and individual classes need. He has virtually moved in to our school, we value his work so much!

Louise Martinson, PSHE Leader, Townlands Primary School, Leicester
The children enjoyed Philosophy for Children based on ‘The New Girl’ and it made them think things through from both sides.
The children were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the anti-bullying workshop. The message was strong and the children were involved. One hour didn’t seem long enough (although I know time is a constraint that we can do nothing about!)
The ‘Sterotypes’ workshop led on well from the anti bullying week.  It was thought provoking and it stretched their thinking.  The children enjoyed it.

Jennie Durnall, PSHE Leader, Crocketts Community Primary School, West Midlands
We booked FAB workshops from ThinQ Education as part of our Anti-Bullying week and following numerous very successful workshops already delivered at our school. The workshops raised awareness amongst our KS2 with the assemblies and the Year 5 workshops: the children engaged very well and responded positively to the morning. I would definitely recommend ThinQ Education to other schools.

Connie Murtagh, PSHE Leader, Broadfield Primary School, Hemel Hempstead
The children enjoyed all the game elements, liked working together. The communication, collaboration and communication teamwork were well explained. It was good to see children working together, especially in the “crocodile river” steps. It was also good to see how the activities encouraged team work, trust with one another and being confident that the other team members would be supportive. The children would like to do the rope game more because it was fun and enjoyed the alligator game because we they got to work together. They really enjoyed it and found the workshops good for helping them to work together and to think more about teamwork.
The assembly was excellent, interactive and engaging.

Sarah Pendlebury, DSP, Beechfield Primary School, Hertfordshire
Thank you for the inspiring INSET that you delivered to our staff right back at the beginning of term. It seems an awfully long time ago now!! Some teachers have already implemented some of the strategies and have reported their successes in a staff meeting.

Debbie Dudt, Acting Headteacher, Cofton Primary School, Birmingham
Phil has, on numerous occasions, inspired many of our pupils to display a genuine love for music and singing, encouraging them to perform to their very best. His enthusiasm is totally infectious, with even the most reluctant singers/musicians participating fully in workshops or performances.
However, Phil is not just a gifted musician – he is a multi-talented teacher, able to deliver a whole range of engaging and motivating ‘hands on’ lessons/workshops, including for Science, D and T, PSHE/Citizenship – to name but a few! Within these sessions, pupils have the opportunity to use and apply a whole range of thinking skills – something Phil shows genuine passion for.

Vicki Kavanagh, Headteacher, Crocketts Community Primary School, Sandwell
Having worked with Phil over several years on a variety of projects, including Philosophy for Children, building resilience and leadership development, it is clear to see the impact of his work across many areas of school life.
Using Phil’s ideas, we have been able to embed the concept that children are partners in learning by developing their thinking skills and, as a result, have created a meaningful and innovative curriculum.
Phil has enabled our school leaders, at all levels, to reflect on and develop their practice by using an effective and personalised, layered approach to identifying key improvement issues.

Mrs. Sofina A.M. Islam OBE, Headteacher, Stanton Bridge Primary School, Coventry
I came across Phil at the DRB conference last year and having gone through the package of support/service he was offering it seemed ideal for what we were looking for at the time which was to enhance our pupils’ knowledge and understanding of anti-bullying, relationships and friendships.
The pupils enjoyed the sessions that were carried out by Phil but more importantly the style of presentation captured and engaged interest resulting in pupils talking more positively and knowledgeably about how they would deal with any situation.
I would recommend Phil as he is pretty inspirational and seems to have a way with the pupils.

Lisa Roberts, Headteacher, Beechfield Primary School, Watford
Many thanks for yesterday – it was fantastic and the staff really enjoyed it. They are buzzing with ideas and are talking about what they will try tomorrow with their new classes. Will definitely pass on your details to other Heads and will get back to you later this term re: class workshops etc.

Elaine Kelly, Early Years / KS1 Co-ordinator Cofton Primary School, Birmingham
Phil has been working with two year one classes for the last two terms delivering high quality singing and percussion work. He has enhanced the learning and engaged some challenging pupils in singing and playing, thus raising self -esteem for those pupils. He has assisted in producing an assembly for each class where the children have made up their own lyrics to well-known tunes giving them an insight in to their own compositions. All children have gained in confidence and have been keen to perform to an audience. They have increased their ability to concentrate  for longer periods of time and general behaviour after these activities was improved for some of the more challenging children. All children enjoyed the work and co-operated with enthusiasm with each other. We hope to have Phil back with us in the autumn term to carry on the good work.

Tony Gorton, Headteacher, St Joseph’s RC Primary School, Waltham Cross
Many thanks for yesterday…from their feedback forms it is clear that the boys and girls had a wonderful day!
Here is my feedback:
One of the main reasons for booking ThinQ Education once again was that it was so good last time!
Having worked with all Junior Classes we felt that Phil could provide our Year 6 children with a ‘day to remember’ in preparation for their transition to secondary school…and how right we were!
The feedback from all of those who participated was very positive and everyone clearly enjoyed the ‘team building’ aspects of the programme that Phil had devised for the day.
I would recommend ThinQ Education unreservedly to other schools since they offer such a diverse range of ‘experiences’ which can be amended to meet the needs of particular groups/schools, ensuring that all participants gain maximum benefit from the ‘ThinQ Experience’.
Many thanks, Phil…we look forward to welcoming you back to St. Joseph’s soon!

Vicki Kavanagh, Headteacher, Crocketts Community Primary School, Sandwell
Thank you so much for yesterday. The feedback was excellent .
‘The concepts really drove the thought processes and structured the planning so that the context was always going back to the concepts and the big question.’
‘The concepts for each unit were a helpful starting point.’
‘Individual staff support helped to focus and clarify what is needed to include in our planning and delivery.’
‘As an NQT, I found this approach new and informative.’

Lisa Davies, Deputy Headteacher, Swindon Academy
Your training is key to moving children on in their learning and supports teachers with questioning.

Jennifer Simms, PSHE Co-ordinator, Margaret MacMillan Primary School, Bradford
The consensus from all the KS2 staff was that everything was brilliant! The assembly was lively and had all the children engaged and eager to a3end their workshop. All the children enjoyed the workshops and were very enthusiastic to come and tell me about what they had been doing. The thing that pleased, and perhaps surprised me, the most was the engagement of some of the year 6 boys, especially the ones that approached you to ask ques(ons during lunch(me!
Some staff expressed their enthusiasm for the fact that many low ability and new to English children got a lot out of the session, and asked if we could have you back to work specifically with those children! : )

Helen Gaynor, Class Teacher, St Peter’s RC Primary School, Birmingham
All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day. One of the parents said her children were discussing what they’d learned and how important control is and how everyone matters. The children said the day was ‘excellent’. When asked what they enjoyed about the day most, many said the parachute and one said ‘everything’. I hope to include some of your strategies in my teaching now.

Olivia Johnson, Herne Junior School, Petersfield, Hants
We at Herne have been lucky enough to have Phil Thomas, from ThinQ Education, deliver a memorable and engaging whole school assembly about Resilience and a staff workshop exploring Philosophy for Children in schools. Years 3 and 6 were also very excited to take part in the thought provoking and enjoyable P4C workshops, which Phil delivered. Throughout this process, myself and another teacher were able to observe how our classes were highly motivated during these sessions. The approach Phil used drew together many parts of the curriculum, two key subjects being citizenship and literacy. There was so much opportunity for developing critical thinking and speaking and listening skills, in an environment which was carefully constructed to allow children to feel comfortable and confident. I feel that the short “me that Phil spent with my class has had a lasting impact. Some of the students commented that it made them feel, “ready to take anything on” and “It made me feel like I should not feel afraid but just go for things”. I would heartily recommend ThinQ Education as an exciting and really fun way of encouraging children to think critically, develop their confidence, resilience and speaking and listening skills.

Tony Gorton, Headteacher, St Joseph’s CP School, Waltham Cross
WOW!! What a great day we have had with Phil from ‘ThinQ Education’!!
Not only did Phil deliver an inspiring assembly, he also worked with all of the boys and girls in Key Stage 2 on various ‘resilience’ activities involving P4C, De Bono’s Thinking Hats and debating!!
Indeed, to ’round the day off’, Phil conducted a workshop for the teachers!!
I’ve got quite an act to follow!!
I’m sure that mums and dads of our Key Stage 2 children will hear all about it at home this evening!!
Many thanks, Phil…we look forward to welcoming you back to St. Joseph’s in the future!!

Simon Lockley, Deputy Headteacher, Tirlebrook Primary School, Gloucestershire
I just wanted to thank you for the enthusiasm and care that you brought to the beginning of our Health and Wellbeing Week. We really were impressed by your contribution and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We are very grateful for the resources that you left. I have used RICH as a theme for the remainder of the week.

Claire Crawford, Stanley Road Community Primary School, Oldham
We had a really good day on Monday. The children were really engaged in the activities (both in the assembly and workshop). These were really practical and pacey which meant the children didn’t lose concentration.
It was good to see ideas which you could see the potential of using in the classroom and that gave a new perspective on what the children can gain from drama and group activities. Thanks again.

Vicki Kavanagh, Headteacher, Crocketts Community Primary School, Sandwell
Staff are blown away with what you have sent them so will be in touch about more of the same.

Vicki Kavanagh, Headteacher, Crocketts Community Primary School, Sandwell
Feedback from the 2 days was really positive and staff are all keen to get started, so thank you!

Elaine Weaver, Deputy Headteacher, Compass Point Primary School, Bristol
This course delivered exactly what we wanted in and helped us to look at our teaching and learning policy with fresh insight. It was a brilliant day, motivating and inspiring, with a range of fun activities delivered across KS2. In fact, we had so much fun in class, it was easy to forget the philosophy behind the methods. The staff meeting Phil led was invaluable in pulling together the threads and looking more deeply at the skills being developed. We now feel well equipped to take independent learning to the next level. Thank you!

Charlene Gethin, Headteacher, All Saints Primary School, Rangemore, Staffs
Wednesday proved to be an excellent day when children, staff and parents could reflect on the key learning to learn skills. Mr Phil Thomas delivered his RICH training in a very dynamic, enthusiastic and engaging way to help our children to become more Resilient Independent Confident Happy learners.
View the blog at
On Wednesday 17th October a man called Phil Thomas came to work with the whole school, staff and parents delivering his RICH training to help us develop our children to become more Resilient Independent Confident Happy learners. It was a vibrant day and we all took with us a new idea or approach to ensure we were all RICH. To find out more and see the photos here:
Thanks for an excellent day, you are very enthusiastic and engaging and passionate about what you do and we appreciate the messages you were providing, it will help us focus our future developments.

Richard Lee, Headteacher, Barford Primary School, Birmingham
The day Mr. Thomas spent with the Year 5 & 6 classes was not only thoroughly enjoyed by all, but left both pupils & staff with a wide range of ideas, resources and most importantly reflection. Our challenge now is to build on these messages and look at ways of incorporating them into all School activities.